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Replica Bulgari Handbags For Sale

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Bulgari Handbags is an Italian fashion label with Roman and Greek heritage. It was established by Sotirios Voulgaris in 1884 and began as a company that specialised in opulent jewellery designs. Since its founding in 1884, Bulgari has expanded their label to watches, luxury leather goods and accessories, handbags, perfumes and a hotel chain. Nourished by deep Roman roots each piece blends daring combinations of colour, precious metals and gemstones inspired from the timeless beauty of Greek and Roman art. The Serpenti Forever bag features the Bulgari snake motif inspired by the Serpenti jewellery collection and has a minimal yet elegant design. It also features a stunning serpent's head closure made from jewels and enamel. The eye-catching closure compliments the simple design.

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